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V.I.P. Membership

More Savings, More Benefits–More Fun!

How To Get Your VIP Card:

  1. Buy a (red) game card at any Cash Register or Kiosk. Keep your card and RE-LOAD the card as you need additional game play.
  2. Accumulate $30.00 or more on ONE game card and you automatically qualify for a VIP card.
  3. After accumulating $30.00 or more on your card present your card to a cashier to receive your VIP Membership Card.

The Benefits of Registering Your VIP Card:

  1. Discount pricing on most games (up to 20%)
  2. VIP card can be replaced if lost or stolen. Your re-issued card will contain the same amount of game play and tickets as the lost or stolen card. THE VIP CARD MUST BE PROPERLY REGISTERED TO RECEIVE THIS BENEFIT. (you must include name, phone #, valid email and date of birth)
  3. The first 4 games you play each week (M-Sun) are free. These free plays do not accumulate—you must use them each week.
  4. Five free plays during the month of the birthday that was given during the registration process.
  5. Specials emailed to you each month: coupons, discounts, promotions, Birthday news and much more!
  6. Participation in weekly VIP events.