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The Magic Castle Arcade has something engaging and exciting for everyone!

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We selectively pick the games at The Magic Castle arcade to provide participants with an exhilarating experience while also accelerating their cognitive and physical abilities.  All of our games are very reasonably priced and NEW games have recently arrived!  Power Roll, Giant Ticket Ring Crane and Updated Typhoon have taken The Magic Castle by storm!  More new games will be arriving soon including Sonic All Star Basketball!

Dayton’s Largest Prize Redemption Center!

Redeem your tickets and choose from 100’s of prizes each visit OR save your tickets for Bigger Prizes! We have the largest Redemption Center in all of Dayton. That means we have prizes for all ages and prizes that fit all seasons. What could be better than redeeming those hard-earned tickets for special toys or edible goodies?

You can add any amount to a card, but we add additional game play to the above specified amounts.

Plus, the game play can also be divided onto as many cards as you’d like, so the whole family can play.

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Arcade Game Bonuses

What You GetSpend
$5.50 in arcade game play$5.00
$12.00 in arcade game play$10.00
$25.00 in arcade game play$20.00
$65.00 in arcade game play$50.00
$100.00 in arcade game play$75.00